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  About HUST

  Henan University of Science and Technology (HUST), giving priority to engineering, is a comprehensive university of teaching-research type with balanced multidisciplinary development and prominent superiority and brilliant features. The university is located in Luoyang - the capital of many dynasties through thousands of years in Chinese history and now a city full of peony flowers.

  HUST was originally founded in Beijing in 1952. In order to help with the construction of national heavy industry in Luoyang, in the year 1956, the university moved there and renamed Luoyang Institute of Technology. In 1998 Henan Provincial Government took over HUST from the Ministry of Machine Building. In 2002, in order to optimize the structure layout of the province's higher education, Henan Provincial Government established Henan University of Science and Technology - a university giving priority to engineering. It is also one of the three comprehensive universities the provincial government gives top priority to support.

  Over half a century, the university has been persistently holding the notion that "personnel training and academic progress should be the campus orientation" and kept deepening the education and teaching reform and making efforts to cultivate creative talents. Since its foundation more than 160 000 senior professionals have been trained here from HUST and they have made outstanding contributions to the local economy and social development. Therefore, HUST won an "Excellence" respectively in the Teaching Quality Assessment of China tertiary education, in the assessment of adult higher education and in the assessment of art education as well. The employment rate of its graduates keeps at the top of the universities of Henan Province and its enrollment and employment potentials are prosperous. HUST was elected in the 2008 poll as one of the top ten "Most Satisfactory Universities of Henan Province", in the 2009 poll as one of the top ten "Most Influential Education Brands in Henan Province" and in the 2010 poll as one of the "Most Optimal Universities for the Entrance Candidates of Henan Province".

  HUST has paid the upmost attention to its academic construction and constantly optimized the structure of its disciplinary layout. At present, there are 26 schools in the university with 77 undergraduate majors and 69 postgraduate programs, covering 10 major disciplines including natural science, engineering, agronomy, medical science, economics, management, law, literature, history and pedagogy. It is entitled to grant master's degree of MBA, Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Veterinary Science and Agricultural Extension and so on. The university has also been empowered by the Ministry of Education to jointly recruit and train doctoral candidates with other colleges and universities. It contains 45 provincial key branches of learning and 12 branches with posts of provincially-supported professors. HUST also possesses 12 provincial or ministerial key labs and engineering centers such as the National Key Lab of Heavy Mining Equipment Enterprises, Henan Key Lab of Mechanical Design and Transmission System and Henan Key Lab of nonferrous materials Science & Processing Technology. There are such national and provincial teaching and training bases as China Gear Teaching & Training Center and China Bearings Repository on its campus. The university has been selected to construct 4 featured specialties of national level and 6 of provincial level. Out of its curriculum 17 courses have been approved as finest ones of national or provincial levels. There are 4 provincial experimental teaching exhibition centers settled in HUST. The Edition of Natural Sciences of HUST's Journal is one of the Chinese core journals and won the first-class prize as one of "China Universities' Excellent Scientific Periodicals." The Edition of Social Sciences of HUST's journal is the first-class periodical in Henan Province and has been chosen by the Humanitic & Social Sciences Research Society as one of "China Excellent Journals of Social Sciences." The university recruits domestic students from 30 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions and overseas students from Japan, Korea, India and other countries. Now about 50 000 full-time undergraduates, postgraduates, overseas and other kinds of students are studying at HUST.

  HUST has taken great efforts to implement the strategy "Attracting Talents to Vitalize HUST" and shaped an academic echelon of rational formation and high quality. It has a teaching faculty of 1940, of whom 844 are senior professionals and 535 doctors. It has retained 7 shared academicians, 1 Zhongyuan Scholar, 7 provincially-supported professors and 51 doctoral tutors and of whom 212 seniors have been awarded the honor of "National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions", "Experts of Millions of Talents Project" or "Provincial Master Teachers". There are also 7 teaching and technology innovation teams of national level or provincial level.

  The university has been striving for the national economy, kept on its features and developed its advantages and its research capacity has increased constantly. HUST precedes the world in the research of the basic assemblies of gears and bearings, on which achievements have respectively won the second award of the National Invention Prize and the third award of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. HUST has obtained significant achievements on the large equipments' digital design and control technology and won the second award of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. HUST has traditional advantages on the research on agricultural machinery and its researches on metal materials and their processing technologies have reached the national advanced level. HUST has achieved outstandingly in the field of the applied mathematics researches and has distinct features on oncology, neurosurgery, forensic medicine, microsurgery, agricultural products processing technology, dry cultivation and breeding, preventive veterinary medicine, animal breeding and reproduction, etc.

  The university has good environment and complete supporting and service systems. Its 4 campuses of Xiyuan, Jinghua, Zhoushan and Kaiyuan occupy an area of over 300 hectares with a construction area of about 1.16 million square meters. Its fixed asset reaches 1.216 billion RMB and the value of teaching and research equipments amounts to 306 million RMB. The construction area of its library is 28900 square meters, which contains 3.3751 million volumes of books. The construction of digital campus has been awarded "Excellence" from China Education Information-Based Construction Prize. It has three affiliated hospitals, of which the First Affiliated Hospital is a first-class state-level provincial comprehensive hospital and one of the 100 best hospitals in China as well. The First Affiliated Hospital has a postdoctoral research station and its overall competitive strength and social influence rank at the top of the comprehensive hospitals of Henan Province.

  The University has kept open to the world and continuously paid its attention to international cooperation and exchanges. It has built up sisterhood or academic cooperative relationships with over 40 colleges, universities, institutions or enterprises in different regions and countries and employs foreign experts from UK, USA, Japan and other countries to teach at the university.

  Today's HUST, setting the sail high, is making its voyage ahead, aiming to a higher level teaching-research type of a comprehensive university.
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